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GB movement

An Initiative to create a culture of Individual Philanthropy in D.C., MD, VA & beyond.

  • Across Sectors (Business, Government, Non-Profit)
  • Intergenerational
  • Multicultural
  • Collaborative
  • Non-partisan

We are:

  • Joining forces with local governments, foundations and non-profits for the greater good.
  • Teaming up with business organizations to deeply engage small, mid and large business owners in philanthropy.
  • Partnering with financial institutions to educate individuals on planned giving (50+).
  • Working with institutions to promote giving back for youths (12-20).
  • Collaborating with organizations to reach Millennials and Generation X (21-49).
  • Non-profit organizations interested in appearing on the GIVING BACK movement list of organizations, please request a questionnaire by contacting: